Why Is Your Cat Losing Hair?

A sleek, shiny, full coat is a sign of a healthy cat, so when your cat begins losing hair, there’s definitely cause for concern. Some causes of hair loss in cats are quite serious, while others are minor and easily managed. You and your vet should explore these potential explanations … Read More

9 Ways to Bond With Your New Cat

Dogs are often quicker to warm up to people, while some cats may be more cautious about bonding with their owners. Your new cat might seem independent and aloof. But don’t worry—that doesn’t mean the cat isn’t friendly and affectionate.

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Pet Euthanasia in Phoenix, AZ

Some choices are easier than others. Selecting the most playful puppy of the litter? Easy. Allowing your family cat to crawl into bed with you? Easy. Saying goodbye to a cherished member of your family? Not easy.

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Complete Pet Diagnostics Services in Phoenix, AZ

Having a sick pet can be worrisome for pet parents, but the situation is even worse when you don’t know the cause of the problem. The right diagnostic tools can help you and your veterinarian understand the problem more quickly and accurately, so your pet can receive the best possible … Read More

Identify Your Pet With Pet Microchipping in Phoenix, AZ

Losing a pet is every animal lover’s worst nightmare. What happens if you lose track of your furry friend in an unfamiliar location? How can you be sure that whoever finds your animal knows where to return him or her?

Traditionally, family pets are identified by collar tags that have … Read More