Notice Signs of a Cat or Dog Ear Infection? Get Treatment in Phoenix, AZ

Because you love your pets, you’re attuned to their behaviors and eccentricities. So when you observe your dog pawing his ears or shaking his head, you pay special attention.

At 1stPet Veterinary Centers, we understand that even a minor ear infection in your pet needs prompt treatment. Our Phoenix, AZ and East Valley clinics are ready to examine and treat your dog or cat for minor or major ear infections. How do you know if your pet has an ear problem?

Pay Attention to the Warning Signs

Ear infections are more common for dogs than cats, although both species can demonstrate symptoms. In cats, such infections may be a result of a separate medical problem. In dogs, ear infections can occur from several potential triggers.

Ear Infections in Dogs

If your dog enjoys swimming or playing in water, excess water in the ear canal can breed bacterial infections. Additionally, dogs with allergies may have more frequent ear infections.  Foxtails, a common weed in Arizona, like to migrate into ear canals of dogs and can result in punctured eardrums as well as infection.  In any case, watch for:

  • Unusual odor or discharge from the ear
  • Tilting the head to one side
  • Red or swollen areas
  • Head shaking
  • Rubbing ears with paws (or against other objects)- your dog may whine or moan when doing so

Ear Infections in CatsJaguar ear show

Although cats can also have allergies or bacterial infections, your vet may find other causes for your cat’s ear infection. Watch for:

  • Excess ear wax near the ear canal
  • A yellow or dark discharge, or a discharge that looks like coffee grounds
  • Ear flap swelling or redness
  • Head tilting or shaking
  • Pawing the infected ear
  • Strong odors

Visit 1stPet for Prompt Care

If you are concerned your pet may have an ear problem or infection, please call us to schedule an appointment for an examination.   Our Phoenix, AZ locations make it convenient for you to bring your pet in for prompt diagnosis.

Once we’ve determined the cause, we’ll prescribe the appropriate pet ear infection treatment. Call us today at any of our three locations; we are here, ready to help your pet get back to normal again.