Critical Care/ICU

Sometimes your pet may need round-the-clock medical care for a specific condition, for post-surgical supportive care, or for other reasons. Whether you’re a 1stPet client, or your primary care veterinarian has referred your pet to us for supportive or critical care, the 1stPet ICU is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and is fully staffed with our Board Certified critical care specialist, dedicated ER clinicians, and a highly trained medical team.

Overnight monitoring, hospitalization, and critical care case management are available upon request by a primary care veterinarian. The 1stPet critical care specialist and ICU medical team will work in coordination with your primary care veterinarian, and your pet will be released to you and your primary care clinic upon completion of care.

1stPet Veterinary Centers is one of the few veterinary hospitals in the region with a board-certified emergency and critical care specialist as our Medical Director and highly experienced emergency veterinarians and technicians on staff.  That means your pet will always receive the very best and most advanced emergency care available. Additionally, we have been accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association, which ensures that each hospital has met or exceeded the strict requirements that measure medical excellence.

IMG_5477 Zoey