Choose to Spay and Neuter at Our Phoenix, AZ Locations

When you’re a pet owner, you continually learn new things about pet care, like vaccination recommendations, food choices, and behavioral training, just to name a few.

But when your kitten or puppy starts to grow up, you may wonder about the best time to spay and neuter. Phoenix, AZ pet lovers want a happy, healthy pet for years to come and a positive spay/neuter experience is a big step along that path. At 1stPet Veterinary Centers, we help you know what to expect.

IMG_4241LancealotLearn the Benefits of Spaying and Neutering

Most pet owners know that pet overpopulation is a problem. When you spay or neuter your pet, you do your part to prevent more homeless strays. Here are a few more benefits of spaying and neutering:

  • Health benefits: Spayed/neutered pets cut their risks for breast cancer, testicular cancer, and other tumors.
  • Safety benefits: Neutered pets are less tempted to roam which keeps them safer from accident, injuries, or acquiring infections from other animals in the area.
  • Behavioral benefits: Prior to spaying/neutering, most dogs like to mark their territory and bark or howl frequently. They may also be more aggressive and some even fight with other dogs. Spaying and neutering while your pet is young can sometimes even prevent these problem behaviors from starting, or help eliminate them later on.

1stPet veterinarians recommend that you spay or neuter your pet between four and six months of age. Pets older than six months may be spayed or neutered at any time. Talk to your vet if you need more information about timing or age concerns.

Prepare Your Pet

Once you make an appointment to spay and neuter at any Phoenix, AZ location, our veterinary staff will give you pre-surgical instructions.  The highest level of medical care, including pre-surgical bloodwork, IV fluids, pre and post-op pain medication including local blocks is all included.  Throughout your pet’s procedure a highly trained Veterinary Technician stays by your pets side until they are fully recovered.  Then, once the surgery is complete and your pet is ready to go home, you’ll receive post-surgical care instructions that help your pet recover comfortably and safely.

Have further questions? Please contact us at any of our locations (North Valley, Mesa, or Chandler) for further information.