Andrew Bettenhausen

Intern, Emergency & Critical Care

Dr. Andrew Bettenhausen grew up on the wild plains of North Dakota. The son of a Veterinarian and a Pharmacist, he spent most of his summers working cattle, cleaning surgical packs, and mucking out horse stalls. For his undergraduate degree he moved to Minnesota to attend Concordia College, Moorhead studying Biology, Chemistry, and Classical Studies. After he graduated he moved to Minneapolis, MN for the next few years working as a musician and in management.

Having the itch to travel Dr. Bettenhausen attended veterinary school in Scotland at the University of Glasgow. While there he completed research looking into blood-borne parasites of African donkeys and horses. He also tried to make good use of his spare time traveling the Scottish countryside as much as possible, ideally atop his mountain bike.

Dr. Bettenhausen has 3 siblings, all of whom are medical professionals in either veterinary or human medicine. He also has an English Cocker named Glen.

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