Deborah Carey

MS, DVM, Emergency & Critical Care

Dr. Deb Carey has been a long time Phoenix resident since 1970. She completed studies at Arizona State University, graduating with Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Microbiology degrees. She pursued her veterinary training at Washington State University Veterinary School. During her clinical rotation in surgery, she developed an interest in pain management.

Early in her veterinary career, Dr. Carey met a doctor trained in Chinese Medicine who introduced her to acupuncture as a means to control pain. This sparked an interest that became her passion; improving an animal’s wellbeing and happiness through acupuncture. In 2008, she completed her acupuncture certification at Colorado State University. Dr. Carey pursued special training in pain management through the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management attaining the title of a Certified Pain Management Practitioner (CVPP) in 2013.

She lives with her husband, 2 horses, 4 cats, 3 dogs, twin red headed felines who patrol their premises and numerous happy egg-laying chickens. A pet rooster who oversees the herd of chickens does so in return for the occasional scratch under his wings.

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