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Many feral cats have no desire to become housecats. However, sometimes cats become estranged from their original homes and need new ones. These cats usually present as friendly and willing to re-enter life as a housecat. If you are lucky enough to be approached by such a cat, evaluate if you’re ready to take on […]

Pet Safety, Treatment & Care

One reason that some cat parents might not take their cats to the veterinarian is that their cat exhibits fear or stress when going to the vet. One way to help your cat feel safe, welcome, and comfortable is by taking them to a Fear Free or Cat Friendly Practice. Discover what these certifications are […]

Pet Safety, Treatment & Care

Does your cat become overly stressed when visiting the veterinary office? It’s very common for a cat to become nervous, and sometimes stressed when going to the vet. We also understand how upsetting this can be for pet owners, too. Fortunately, you can minimize their anxiety and keep your furry friend calm when visiting the […]

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Cats are wonderful companions for adults and children. But like all pets, cats carry and transmit diseases that can infect humans. Here are four ways to avoid contracting a cat-to-human illness from your beloved pet. 1. Know the Main Disease Culprits Most feline diseases are caused by microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Many cat-related […]

Pet Safety, Treatment & Care

Heat can be very dangerous for dogs. As a dog owner, you need to be able to recognize common heat dangers, know the symptoms of heat sickness, and know what to do if your dog is suffering from heat illness. Having this information can help you take care of your dog when hot weather in […]