“Dr. Babyak, all of her techs and the staff were (and are) fabulous, caring, sensitive, and responsive.”

“Five years ago, my then 3-year-old Springer Spaniel suddenly became very sick. She had seen our regular vet and we were waiting blood test results when she took a turn for the worse over the weekend. I ran her to First Pet Chandler on a Saturday. The bad news: she had immune mediated hemolytic anemia – basically her red blood cells were attacking themselves and killing her. The good news: First Pet Specialist Shery Babyak was on staff and she was the “go-to” specialist in this disease. And even though it was the middle of a Friday night, she was available to consult with the emergency vet at First Pet, followed her all weekend, and saw her first thing Monday morning. Mollii was in doggie ICU for four days and it was touch and go, but she turned the corner. It was a long recovery, but Mollii is still here causing trouble today as I write this. Besides Mollii, we have three other dogs and when (inevitably) one of them gets really sick, First Pet and Dr. Babyak is my first call. Dr. Babyak, all of her techs (especially Elena) and the staff were (and are) fabulous, caring, sensitive, and responsive. I always get a range of treatment options, accurate estimates, and quality care.”

– Lisa Counters