You know that brushing and flossing is key to maintaining your healthy teeth. While a toothache or tooth loss definitely send you running to the dentist, you go on a regular basis to keep your teeth healthy and prevent problems before they start. But did you know that your pet needs to visit the dentist, too?

Dog Teeth Cleaning Services, Cat Dentist & More in Phoenix, AZ

Like you, your pet needs regular dental maintenance to stay healthy. Periodic cleanings and checkups can prevent oral diseases in your cats and dogs.

To keep your pet’s teeth healthy, bring your dog or cat to 1st Pet Veterinary Centers. We offer convenient pet dentistry (dog, cat dentist) to Mesa, AZ; Chandler, AZ; and Phoenix, AZ residents.

A Closer Look at Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is the most common health problem in small animals. If left untreated, it can lead to pain, bleeding gums, loss of appetite, bad breath, loose teeth, or even loss of teeth. Worse than that, an unhealthy mouth can predispose your pet to developing serious diseases involving their internal organs, including their heart or kidneys.

Fortunately, periodontal disease is an easy condition to prevent and control. When you bring your pet into our hospital for an exam, we will conduct a full oral examination. One of our friendly, gentle Veterinarians will check for tartar buildup, signs of swelling or bleeding gums, as well as any discolored, broken, or missing teeth.

When it is determined that your pet needs further dental care, you can schedule a dental appointment where we will carefully clean all your pet’s teeth under anesthesia and pay close attention to removing all plaque or tartar buildup, even under the gum line. This helps stop decay in its tracks and keeps your pet healthy.

We will also take dental x-rays of your pet’s teeth and evaluate the degree of periodontal disease if present. If your pet needs more involved care, we will discuss any dental issues your cat or dog may be facing and work with you to decide on an appropriate treatment plan.

Make 1st Pet Your 1st Choice!

At 1st Pet Veterinary Centers, we put you and your pet first. We want your pets to stay healthy in every way, which is why we offer 24-hour emergency services in addition to general practice and wellness care.

Feel free to contact us at any of our locations to schedule your pet’s next dental appointment.