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You likely hate to see your beloved dog scratching away at the irritating bites from fleas. However, you should know that those tiny, harmless-looking pests can cause a lot more trouble than mere discomfort. Fleas have historically served as a carrier for various diseases and led to numerous health complications. Once you’ve learned more about […]

Pet Health

Parainfluenza is a serious respiratory disease that spreads easily between dogs. This highly preventable disease can not only make your dog very sick, but it can cause other problems. It has been responsible for many respiratory disease outbreaks all over the world. Here is more information about the signs your dog has a parainfluenza infection […]

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Being the owner a cat with feline cerebellar hypoplasia sounds daunting at first. After all, the condition is neurological and causes your cat to have issues with walking, cleaning themselves, and other tasks that most felines do with ease. Depending on how severe your cat’s cerebellar hypoplasia — or CH — condition is, you may […]