Puppy Care

You come home from the breeder or adoption center ecstatic—you just brought home your new puppy! You are excited to spend time with your pup and watch him or her become a loyal, lifelong friend. But you have already started to worry about your puppy’s wellbeing. You wonder when you should take your canine to the vet and what he or she needs to stay healthy.

If you are a puppy parent in Mesa, Phoenix, or Chandler, AZ, come visit 1st Pet Veterinary Centers as soon as possible. We will happily examine your puppy for any problems and give you essential advice on your pet’s future veterinary care needs.

Puppy Services at 1st Pet

Puppies have vulnerable immune systems, so timely vaccinations are vital. Every puppy is a little different, but most puppies should start getting vaccines at around six to eight weeks after birth. We provide the recommended core vaccines for all dogs: canine parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, and rabies. If your puppy requires additional vaccines, we can help you determine which ones and when.

We also handle other aspects of puppy care:

Spaying and neutering

If you do not plan on breeding your dog, you can help reduce pet overpopulation and improve your pet’s health through spaying or neutering. During your pet’s spay or neuter, he or she is the center of our focus and they receive the best in care. All of our spay/neuter procedures include pre-operative blood work to ensure they are healthy for anesthesia, pre-operative pain medication, intravenous fluids throughout the procedure, local blocks to prevent pain, post-op pain medications, and a dedicated technician that cares for your pet until they are fully awake, warm, cozy, and comfortable.


Some puppies contract intestinal parasites from their mother. These parasites cause anemia and weight loss as well as other health problems. It is important to find and treat parasites early on to prevent complications or spread to humans.

Puppy checkups

Your puppy will be scheduled for regular vaccine booster visits. Additionally, you will receive education about your puppy’s diet, healthy weight maintenance, and other health issues to help you feel at ease.

Emergency care

When something unexpected happens to your pet, we have the expertise and knowledge to help your pet in a critical and time-sensitive situation by providing emergency services 24/7.


You can feel confident that your puppy will receive the best care available from our highly educated and caring team at all of our AAHA accredited animal hospital locations.

Bring your puppy into any of our facilities for a checkup or for any other puppy care services, or contact us directly. We have locations in Mesa, Chandler, and Phoenix, AZ.