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As pet owners, we know how our fur babies love to explore, and they typically let their nose lead the way as they rummage through new environments. Unfortunately, this tendency may cause adventurous dogs to pick up a fungal infection called coccidioidomycosis, better known among non-veterinarians as valley fever. Since valley fever can present serious […]

Pet Health

Not unlike humans, cats experience occasional hacking, coughing, and vomiting, but if your feline’s regurgitations are frequent, it may be time to take a closer look at the underlying cause. Whether your cat just began to vomit for the first time, he or she seems to be ill, or you’re worried about an ongoing, chronic […]

Pet Health

You likely hate to see your beloved dog scratching away at the irritating bites from fleas. However, you should know that those tiny, harmless-looking pests can cause a lot more trouble than mere discomfort. Fleas have historically served as a carrier for various diseases and led to numerous health complications. Once you’ve learned more about […]