“Brought my baby in around 12:30 am, staff was nothing short of seriously awesome to both me and my dog.”

“I was nervous about an emergency facility being hectic and making him more worried, but their no-fear policy made all the difference in the world. Dr. Butler was *incredible*. She was compassionate, kind, and took the time to let him get comfortable around her before getting in his business. She really knows how to make dogs comfortable! She made certain that I understood everything, gave me options, and I felt 100% confident in her assessment. Not to mention, the facility was *very* clean, didn’t have that “vet smell,” and the calm music was just what this worried mama needed. Prices were completely reasonable, no unexpected charges either. I sort of wish I could come back here for all of his care, just because this place was so nice! Thanks for everything!!

I absolutely noticed a difference between 1st Pet’s response to my dog’s emotional needs and the response of other places I have taken him in the past. It’s obvious to see the philosophy at this clinic is to make the animals that come here comfortable. Instead of someone storming into the room, wrestling with him, poking and prodding just to get it over with, everyone here makes an effort to take their time with Dipper. Nobody approaches him too fast or grabs at him. As a support animal, he and I are a team and have a close bond. 1st Pet has treated Dipper like what he is to me – a family member. He’s an anxious guy, and already fearful of new places and people. Giving him the time he needs is huge.

These efforts make a lot of difference for Dipper, long after we come home from the clinic. When something stresses him out, he’s skittish, fearful, and generally just sort of down the rest of the day. When we come home from First Pet, after a treat, it’s like nothing happened. He’s back to bouncing around and playing!

As a total dog-mom, I can’t stand when he’s scared. Bringing him somewhere that doesn’t scare him, and encourages him to relax, makes us both a whole lot happier. I trust the team here to make decisions or recommendations because it really shows that their first priority is the animals in their care. I don’t dread taking him to the vet anymore! The no-fear policy makes a world of difference to the humans and the dogs that come here, both for emergencies and routine check-ups.”

– Billie Black