“I don’t think any of us expected Robbie to have such a wonderful recovery.”

“Robbie had back surgery Sept. 29, 2016. His rehab/physical therapy started right away, with gentle range-of-motion exercises at home. When his incision healed, he started having cold laser therapy with Tat. After his cold laser sessions ended, he started with aqua therapy on the underwater treadmill. Robbie loved it so much, he would start walking in the tank before the water got deep enough! By the time the aqua therapy was over, he was walking for a quarter mile and then swimming for another 5 minutes after that! I don’t think any of us expected Robbie to have such a wonderful recovery. When we’ve brought Robbie in since, he wants to head to the back so he can go swimming again! Robbie’s picture was the cover of the FB page for a while – he was wearing his Doggles in the treadmill tank. One of the best things about Robbie’s surgery and rehab was that it was all included in the surgery package. I know that the rehabilitation therapy was the major factor for Robbie’s amazing recovery. My husband and I could never have done it on our own. We are so happy that Robbie is back to his old happy-go-lucky self. Still has a bit of a wobble and once in a while his rear goes a little to fast or the wrong way, but he doesn’t let it phase him at all. We recommend 1st Pet Vet to anyone who has a pet with a health issue.

Thank you to EVERYONE at 1st Pet Vet!”

– Deb Weller & Robbie