“I really believe in this initiative.”

“Slate is very anxious at the vet. Unfortunately, I don’t know that he will ever truly get over these fears. He is very stubborn (must be the pit in him). However, I don’t think that’s any reason to give up hope with him. I feel so much more confident going into a facility that promotes the psychological care along with the physical care of our animals. As you are well aware, these pets are our family, and when they hurt or are scared, that anxiety is passed to us as the owners. We only want the best for them. We can’t tell them in words that this scary place with strangers are truly there to make them feel better. In the past with other vets we have been made to feel embarrassed for our dogs fearful behavior. This was not the case with your facility, even though Slate was still stressed. We as owners felt comforted in knowing the staff were honestly there to make his life and our lives better. These efforts of your staff to help Slate did not go unnoticed. Maybe in time he will be less fearful to come to the vet. In the meantime, he is doing much better. Thanks to your staff. We are new to the state of Arizona. We came here having to start over again in all aspects of our life. It’s comforting to know that our pets care is not one of the things we have to stress over. Keep up the great work!!”

– Kristi Pletcher