“We’ve had many surgeries performed on our Goldens in our lives, none–and I mean NONE–can compare with the gratitude that came from this one.”

“ZOTICUS is a male English Cream Golden Retriever who won our hearts at the age of 5 weeks. Three weeks later we got to bring him home and were the luckiest people on earth. Unfortunately at the age of only 17 weeks old, we noticed that he was having trouble getting up from a sitting or lying position. After a little closer scrutinizing we found him to be extremely sensitive of his hindquarters. The following morning after x-rays our veterinarian gave us the horrifying diagnosis of DOUBLE Hip Dysplasia. Zoticus’s Femoral heads were approximately 85% out of their sockets. Not a pretty picture for sure. Our hearts and minds were racing with the dilemma of what to do. I wanted and kept insisting on JPS (Juvenile Pubic Symphysiodesis). The thought of an FHO (Femoral Head Osteotomy) was radical and, I was led to believe, only for dogs weighing 40lbs or less at maturity. After a lot of arguing and deliberating I finally conceded to DVM, DACVS, Dr. Daniel Guastella’s advice. My wife and I gave the go ahead for the FHO procedure. I should also note that he advised to do both legs at the same time (essentially crippling Zoticus in my mind). This would force him to use both legs right away and not favor the good one if we only did one leg at a time (as others advised us to do). This also would save Zoticus and us from having to go through the whole ordeal again 6 months down the road. THE BEST ADVISE I HAVE EVER RECEIVED PERIOD !! Recovery was exactly as he and his staff described. Within 3 days Zoticus wanted to try to walk and succeeded for about 10 feet. I was STUNNED! The next day it was 10 -15 feet 3 times, of course we had the belly sling to help him, but we were all smiles. Gradually he healed more and more each day. Within three weeks he was trying to play with our other two Goldens, one his same age and the other a 2 year old. 1 month post op, with a little adult supervision on the roughhousing, the three of them would play, where-as forcing him to use his legs and have fun doing so. It’s been seven months now since the surgery and with the help of Quigley our 2 year old and Jasmine his peer, Zoticus can Run, Jump, Fetch, and Roughhouse with the glow of happiness in his eyes.

His motto is ‘If the other dogs can do it, then I can too!!’

To make a long story short, We’ve had many surgeries performed on our Goldens in our lives, None and I mean NONE can compare with the gratitude that came from this one.

Our many thanks goes to Dr. Daniel Guastella and the incredible staff at 1stPet.

– Jerry, Darlene, Quigley, Jasmine, & Zoticus