“You have no idea how happy you’ve made our family!”

“Our 4 month old puppy, Lily, came to 1st Pet on an emergency basis due to having her fourth UTI in the matter of her first few months of life. She was treated with antibiotics but she just kept getting one UTI after another as soon as her antibiotics were finished. We scheduled Lily to see Dr. Babyak (who is amazing!) for an ultrasound and vaginal exam. Nothing significant showed up on the ultrasound, however, upon the vaginal exam Dr. Babyak found a rare condition called a vaginal stricture, which was keeping Lily’s urine inside her body and building up bacteria. This was the cause of the recurrent urinary tract infections. We were obviously upset and heartbroken that our 4 month old Goldendoodle baby had this condition, causing her pain and discomfort. That’s all she knew in her short few months, all that pain. Dr. Babyak told us a procedure called a vaginoscopy with stricture removal would most likely fix this problem, so with all our trust in Dr. Babyak’s hands, we decided to get the procedure done. IMG_8188 _LilyWe were informed throughout the whole process of costs involved and that Lily would need a series of 4-5 digital exams for the few weeks following surgery to make sure the vaginal canal stays open. We were on board with everything that needed to be done. We were nervous but had faith in Dr. Babyak and trusted her skills. We are beyond pleased to say that Lily has fully recovered from her surgery and following procedures! We are so thankful and feel blessed to have Dr. Babyak fix this rare problem Lily was born with. Lily is now a happy and healthy puppy, no more whimpering, pain or bleeding while urinating…she’s playful and so happy! We owe Dr. Babyak a HUGE thank you! She is a wonderful, brilliant internist who truly cares about her patients and their humans, too! THANK YOU SO MUCH, DR. BABYAK! You have no idea how happy you’ve made our family! Lily sends puppy hugs to you, as well!
Renee and Todd Takala (Lily’s mom and dad)”

– Renee, Todd, & Lily Takala