Prescription Refills

If your pet has previously received prescription medication from 1st Pet, you may submit a refill request online. Please remember the following guidelines when requesting refills:

  • Kindly give us at least 24 business hours for us to fill your prescription request.
  • The prescribing veterinarian will review the request. If we cannot fill the medication for some reason, we will contact you.
  • If we have not already contacted you to indicate completion of your request, please call us before you come in to be sure that your pet’s prescription is ready.
  • Medications prescribed by our emergency service are typically not eligible for refill. A general practice doctor should manage and prescribe ongoing medication needs.
  • We can only refill medications for pets that have been seen at 1st Pet within the past 12 months

*Federal and State laws, as well as good medical practice, prohibit us from dispensing prescription medications without examining your pet first (within the last 12 months), and having current knowledge of your pet’s health. We are similarly prohibited from dispensing or refilling medications that were originally ordered by another veterinarian (outside of 1st Pet). We will be happy to dispense any needed medications after examining your pet.

Prescription Refill Form

Current General Practice and Specialty Clients Only

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