Coronavirus (Covid-19)
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1st Pet Vet and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Covid-19 Update: 3/10/2021

To safeguard you and our teams and to comply with all the recommended measures to slow down the spread of Covid-19 we have made the following changes to our operations until further notice.

Emergency or Urgent Care

  • Upon arrival at the hospital, please remain in your vehicle and call the front desk at the following numbers.
  • While you wait, or before you head in, please fill out our Online Client Info form: Click Here

In most cases we will greet you at your vehicle, take your pet in for needed medical care and conduct most transactions via phone or by car-side.

  • After receipt of the call, we will check you in as soon as possible from outside the hospital.
  • Next a technician will come to triage your pet. If you pet is deemed critical -you may be asked to come inside as long as we have an exam room available for you to wait in. We will limit the number of clients allowed in per patient (usually just one person will be allowed inside).
  • We are still experiencing very high volume and long wait times on Emergency so most (non-critical) emergency patients will be asked to drop-off.
  • You can elect to stay and wait in your car if you so prefer.
  • We may e-mail your estimates for electronic signature. We may also e-mail you a link for you to submit payment online, especially for deposits.
  • If you are at the hospital to pick up food or medication, please remain in your car outside the hospital and call the front desk.  We will deliver your order to your car as quickly as possible.
  • If you are not feeling well or may be at risk of exposure to coronavirus, please ask a healthy friend or family member to transport your pet to the hospital on your behalf.

For ALL OTHER calls please continue to use the regular numbers:

  • Chandler (480) 732-0018
  • Mesa (480) 924-1123
  • North Valley (623) 849-0700

To Our General Practice Clients

We are now scheduling appointments as normal.

However, due to needing to catch up on things we weren’t able to schedule earlier this year it may take longer than usual to get an appointment for routine exams and vaccinations.
We are now allowing most General Practice clients (one per pet) to accompany their pet in providing they were a mask at all times and have their temperature verified as normal prior.  You may also elect to stay in your car for the duration of the visit. Or if the visit is expected to take longer, we also offer drop-offs.

If you are exhibiting fever, cough or cold symptoms, or have been exposed to someone who may have Covid-19 and your pet is sick, please call us to discuss options. For our EXISTING General Practice clients, we may be able to offer a Virtual appointment via a video or telephone call.

Upon arrival at the hospital, please remain in your vehicle and text APPOINTMENT to the number at your location. 

  • Chandler location: (480) 887-4836
    Mesa location: (480) 887-4813
    North Valley location: (623) 748-4300
  • The front desk will check you in over the phone.
  • Technician will then come see you and your pet.
  • If you desire to come inside, we will verify you are wearing a mask and will take your temperature and escort you to a room as soon as one is available.

Medication refills for current GP clients

  • Please fill out our online request form: Click Here
  • We will contact you once your refill is approved and can be picked up.
  • We will take payment over the phone, or by car-side. Call us when you get to our parking lot (use location specific special number listed at the beginning of this post).

Diets: same as medications

  • We are limiting all diet purchases to about 30-day supply to try ensure availability for all. Our suppliers are continuing to have some stock outages; currently our hospitals are having some trouble getting some diets in in a timely manner.

***We are experiencing a high volume of calls and medication requests, so please keep this in mind and know that we are doing our best to get your pet’s medication approved and filled for you as quickly as possible. Please give us 24-48hrs to get back to your from when you call in your request. We will text or call you when your medications are ready**

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. Working together and remaining patient we can make it through these difficult times!