Emergency & Critical Care

Dr. Ryan Bunce grew up one of three boys in a small Massachusetts town where he learned the value of teamwork as a three-sport athlete. If not on a court or in a field, he could be found caring for the residents of the family owned Southwick’s Zoo as a Zookeeper. After leaving for college in pursuit of an education in engineering, it wasn’t long before his love for the biological world carried him to the study of veterinary science. After graduation he was eager to continue on into veterinary medicine.

Walking home in a heavy nor’easter snowfall during a record-breaking winter Dr. Bunce received a call from the Caribbean that he was accepted to Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. It was there on the small island of St. Kitts, while devoted to study, that he would learn much more than medicine and meet his soon to be wife.

Like all Rossies Dr. Bunce and his wife left the Caribbean for their final clinical year of vet school. They boarded aplane with a cat and a coconut retriever island dog and set out for Oklahoma State University. Days after graduation their son was born, and they continued westward to Arizona.

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