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Heat can be very dangerous for dogs. As a dog owner, you need to be able to recognize common heat dangers, know the symptoms of heat sickness, and know what to do if your dog is suffering from heat illness. Having this information can help you take care of your dog when hot weather in […]

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While surgery may seem scary, spaying is a procedure that comes with plenty of benefits. If this is your first time scheduling a spay appointment for a dog, take a look at the answers to some of the most common questions that pet parents have. What Is a Spay Procedure? Simply stated, spaying is surgical […]

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When you implement healthier habits in your own life, you may want to take your beloved canine companion along for the ride. Your veterinarian will applaud your efforts to introduce healthier habits into your dog’s life. Follow these tips for an effective, easier transition for your pet. Bring Your Dog in for a Checkup Before […]

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Every dog owner should recognize the need for routine veterinary care for their pet. In the first year, puppies need vaccines and wellness checks. They ideally should be spayed or neutered at a young age as well, after their sets of vaccines are finished. Following the first year, dogs should get regular checkups, dental cleanings, […]

Pet Health

Thanks to modern feline lifestyles and diets, the life expectancy of cats has increased in the past 50 years. One-fifth of cats in the U.S. are over 11 years old. Board-certified veterinary internists take some of the credit for extending cat lives. Learn about the many ways internal medicine specialists help your cat through all […]

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Obesity is on the rise in the United States, and public health officials and doctors are trying their best to educate and help people stay in shape so they can live longer, healthier, happier lives. However, humans aren’t the only ones that can be overweight or obese. About 56 percent of all dogs in the […]