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Being the owner a cat with feline cerebellar hypoplasia sounds daunting at first. After all, the condition is neurological and causes your cat to have issues with walking, cleaning themselves, and other tasks that most felines do with ease. Depending on how severe your cat’s cerebellar hypoplasia — or CH — condition is, you may […]

Pet Health, Treatment & Care

According to one study, around 54.5 percent of people with dogs believe that the traditional surgical spay is best. However, more people are requesting less-invasive spay procedures such as laparoscopic spay. If you have a pet that needs this procedure, learn about the benefits of a laparoscopic spay.

Pet Health, Treatment & Care

Many feral cats have no desire to become housecats. However, sometimes cats become estranged from their original homes and need new ones. These cats usually present as friendly and willing to re-enter life as a housecat. If you are lucky enough to be approached by such a cat, evaluate if you’re ready to take on […]

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One reason that some cat parents might not take their cats to the veterinarian is that their cat exhibits fear or stress when going to the vet. One way to help your cat feel safe, welcome, and comfortable is by taking them to a Fear Free or Cat Friendly Practice. Discover what these certifications are […]