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Heat can be very dangerous for dogs. As a dog owner, you need to be able to recognize common heat dangers, know the symptoms of heat sickness, and know what to do if your dog is suffering from heat illness. Having this information can help you take care of your dog when hot weather in […]

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Many Arizonans and their dogs enjoy the warmth and beauty of the Arizona desert. There is plenty of sunshine to encourage you to hit the many hiking trails in the wilderness of the desert countryside. However, hiking comes with its dangers (especially as mild winter weather turns to hotter spring temperatures), and you should be […]

5 Human Foods That Are Harmful for Your Pet
Pet Safety

While most dog owners know that feeding their pets scraps from their plate is not the best choice, many people still feed their dogs “people food” as a treat. Even though most human foods are not necessarily harmful to dogs, there are some seemingly innocent foods that are actually poisonous or can cause immediate injury. […]