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Many Arizonans and their dogs enjoy the warmth and beauty of the Arizona desert. There is plenty of sunshine to encourage you to hit the many hiking trails in the wilderness of the desert countryside. However, hiking comes with its dangers (especially as mild winter weather turns to hotter spring temperatures), and you should be […]

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As a responsible pet parent, you take great strides to ensure your cat is fed quality food, loved, and taken to the vet whenever they are sick. However, there is a feline virus that you might have heard of that can wreak havoc on your cat's health and spread to the other cats in your [...]
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If you’re a blood donor, you may be aware that January is National Blood Donor Month. While the Red Cross focuses on human donors, the beginning of the year is a good time for pet owners to remember that animals can also need transfusions due to illness or injuries. The animal blood banks are looking […]

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A cat is a dependable companion and pet. Each has a unique personality, and you get used to your cat’s mannerisms as they assert their position in your home and lifestyle. However, as a cat moves from middle age to seniority, you might begin to notice some changes in behavior and health. This guide can […]

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Urinary tract disorders and diseases are some of the most common ailments in domestic cats. Sometimes the symptoms of these conditions are obvious, and other times they are easily overlooked — meaning the cat goes without treatment for longer than is ideal. As a cat owner, it is important that you know the basics regarding […]