Allergies: 1st Pet Veterinary Centers

Treat Your Dogs with Allergies in Mesa, AZ

Has your dog been scratching more often recently? Or does your dog have red eyes and a runny nose? If so, he or she might be suffering from the effects of allergies. Here at 1st Pet Veterinary, we know how to properly diagnose and treat allergies in dogs in the Chandler, Mesa, and Phoenix areas.

What Causes Dog Allergies?

Dog allergies work the same way as human allergies. Allergens will trigger an immune system response, causing allergic reactions. For dogs, reactions result in a range of issues from mildly irritating itching to vomiting or diarrhea. Some of the agents that can cause dog allergies include the following:

  • Pollen
  • Dust and dust mites
  • Ticks and fleas
  • Cleaning products like shampoo
  • Food, mostly different kinds of protein like beef or fish

How Do We Diagnose Allergies?

At 1st Pet, we will work with you to find the cause of your dog’s allergies. We perform physical examinations, including skin and blood tests, to make an accurate diagnosis. Systematically altering your dog’s diet can be used to identify many food allergens in dogs.

How Do We Treat Allergies?

Like allergies in humans, allergies in dogs will affect your dog for his or her lifetime. We will help you set up a plan to isolate your dog from irritants, which may include these measures:

  • Ways to keep your home allergen free
  • Ways to protect your dog from fleas and insects
  • Ways to feed your dog to prevent reactions

In many cases we can prescribe medications to reduce the effect of allergic reactions. You can also have medications to prevent certain allergies, like insect allergies. Together, we will find a way to ensure your dog still has a fun and happy life, free from the irritation of allergies.

1st Pet veterinarians provide expert and loving care for all the pets we see. You can rest assured we will do everything to fight any allergy or sickness your dog can have. Contact your local 1st Pet office set up an appointment today.