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Simple Strategies to Keep Your Cats Cool

Cats are cherished family members with their own unique needs. Cats are like their human companions in some ways, too, and cats need to be kept cool when the Arizona heat sets in. Consider these simple strategies for keeping your cats comfortable no matter how high the temperatures soar.

Leave the Air Conditioning On

Many people are conscious of how high their power bills can soar when temperatures rise. It may be tempting to try to cut corners by turning off the air conditioner when you leave the house. However, if you have cats in the house, keep the air conditioning on for them even when you’re not there.

If you are worried about wasting money by keeping the air conditioning on in the entire home, you may turn on a window unit in one room and leave the cat in that room for the day. If possible, choose a room that has cold surfaces such as tiled floors and counters. Cats may also lounge on chilly surfaces as a way to keep cool.

Consider a Cat Water Fountain

Cats need plenty of water for digestion, circulation, and the optimal functioning of their organs. In fact, most of a cat’s body is comprised of water, but that doesn’t mean your feline companions have an affinity for it. Nevertheless, they need to drink more water during hot weather because they can easily get dehydrated when the temperature rises.

Water helps regulate a cat’s inner cooling system. When cats get too hot, the combination of becoming dehydrated and overheating can lead to health issues. Because cats do not typically enjoy gulping water from a bowl, try using a cat water fountain.

A water fountain for cats encourages them to drink more water. Cats are excellent at detecting movement, so the running water can draw a cat’s attention and make it easier for them to hydrate. Because moving water is safest for cats in the wild, your feline companions are probably instinctively attracted to flowing water.

Bring Your Cat in for Grooming

Talk to your cat’s groomer about the best way to groom a cat for hot weather. A long-haired cat may benefit from a lion’s cut during hot weather. Any kind of haircut can help a cat stay cool by reducing the heat-trapping fur coat they wear each day. You may find that less hair gives your cat more energy, too.

Be Mindful of Your Cat’s Behavior During Travel

Travel is stressful for nearly any cat. They are not as relaxed as dogs when it comes to riding in a car or plane. Motion sickness may cause some cats to vomit or otherwise get ill. If that happens, especially in large amounts, it can cause them to become dehydrated. Call your vet if you think your cat may need medical intervention.

Keeping cats cool while on the road is an essential part of keeping them well during travel. Make sure your cat can feel the air conditioning in a car. If they’re in a kennel, make sure it’s properly ventilated so they are feeling the cool air. Avoid leaving your cat in the car unattended for any reason.

Close Your Patio When It’s Hot

Many cat owners have a screened-in patio where cats can get fresh air and sunshine. This area of a home allows cats to enjoy a taste of the outdoors while staying protected from the dangers that lurk for cats who roam freely outside. However, some cats don’t know when it’s time to come inside. If a cat spends too much time on a patio during hot weather, the cat may get overheated.

Close off any outdoor areas when it gets to be too hot. This is especially important if you are going to be out of the house all day and unable to keep an eye on your feline companion. Your cat may cry and meow in frustration, but it may help prevent illness and even death in extreme heat.

Elevate Your Cat’s Sleeping Area

Elevating your cat’s bed can help them stay cool. If your cat’s current bed rests on the floor, you may replace it with a cat bed on legs. An elevated bed allows air flow beneath the bed. If your cat is attached to their current bed, keep it and try adding a cat hammock to their sleeping area. This extra option for lounging and sleeping can be fun for a cat while helping them stay cool.

Finally, talk to your veterinarian about any concerns you have about keeping your cat comfortable and hydrated. Talk to the caring team at 1st Pet Veterinary Centers any time to discuss your feline companion’s health and wellness. With the right care and support, your cool cat can thrive even during the hottest months of the year.